10 Tips to Protect Your Business Location

A Valuable Investment

Your business is more than your livelihood. Your family and employees depend on it just as much as you do. There are a number of ways you can protect your building and the goods inside that, in the long term, may save you more money than you spend.

1. Install a business security system. Potential thieves may move on to other targets if they see you have an alarm system, and some businesses may be eligible for reduced liability insurance premiums after the system is installed.

2. Use exterior and interior security lighting throughout your property to deter intruders when your business is not open. Thieves would prefer to work in the dark. There are a number of types to choose from.

3. Protect your business from more than break-ins and vandalism with system features for fire, flood, and carbon monoxide monitoring.

4. Monitor your business from anywhere with remote access options so you know the business is running the way you want it to even when you are not there.

5. Provide the police with helpful video footage of break-ins or fraudulent customer activity from closed-circuit television (CCTV) or Internet protocol (IP) cameras, and be sure to keep batteries on hand for wireless units.

6. Inquire about service maintenance contracts available from your system’s installer. These regularly-scheduled visits may keep your system from breaking down due to out-dated parts.

7. Double-check that all points of access into your building are locked when the business is closed.

8. Limit the number of people with access to passcodes or keys. Don’t give passcodes to vendors if at all possible. Change your passcodes often, especially after an employee is let go.

9. Repair all perimeter fencing and gates immediately to give thieves or vandals little opportunity to sneak in while it’s down.

10. Place alarm systems on any outbuildings you have, as well. The equipment or data you have stored within these may be just as valuable as the money or inventory within your main building.